The syllabus is made up of a few videos that break up each concept we use to trade individually in detail. We like to keep it as simple as possible to allow all different level of traders to understand. Once Chartworkfx members are familiar with the concepts we get to the fun part which is merging it all together and realising how much the game is rigged.


We all have a brain but when it comes to trading

it seems to have a mind of its own. A negative effect on psychology occurs due to two reasons

  • Going against your trading plan
  • failing to apply the correct risk management

What’s a good strategy without the ability to execute?

A lot of the times traders end up taking trades against their rules and find themselves in draw down and when the perfect setup occurs they are afraid to take it due to either a lack of funds or fear of taking another loss.

At Chartworkfx we help you overcome your emotions to increase your growth in trading as well as in life.

Risk management

Risk management is arguably the main reason why traders blow their accounts. There are different personalities which equals different risk appetites. Some traders prefer risking a larger percentage of their account in order to try and achieve their goals quicker where as others are more conservative with risk and would prefer risking a percentage which offers them more room to make mistakes. We offer risk modules to help you pick what form of risk is suitable for you to achieve your targets.


This section will consist of weekly videos with commentary breaking down trades taken as well as any opportunities that were available. This will allow Chartworkfx members to become more familiar with the concepts as well as training the eye to be able to spot patterns within price. There will also be additional content covering all things trading related.

Group Chat 

What better way to learn than to be able to share ideas and communicate with others. At Chartworkfx all members will have access to the group chat where we can all network and ask questions to gain new knowledge. You will be able to share your analysis and trade ideas which could help other members improve their skills and it could also benefit you as you will be able to receive feedback from different levels of traders.